Who are we ?

The Interregional Body for Family Benefits (ORINT) was created in the context of the regionalization of family benefits in Belgium, i.e. on 1.01.2019, via the cooperation agreement of 30 May 2018 between the 4 entities: the Flemish Community, the Walloon Region, the Brussels Capital region and the German-speaking Community.

ORINT has taken the form of an ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif – Non Profit Organization) whose statutes were published on 15.03.2019 in the appendices to the Moniteur belge (Belgian Official Monitor).

The founding members of the ASBL are :

  • Iriscare, a public-interest organisation with its registered office at 1040 Brussels, Rue Belliard 71/2, represented by the managing director of Iriscare, Tania Dekens.
  • The Flemish Agency for the Payment of Benefits in the Framework of Family Policy, an external autonomous agency with legal personality, having its registered office at Rue de Trèves 9, 1000 Brussels, hereinafter referred to as VUTG, represented by Leo Van Loo, the managing director of VUTG.
  • The Agence pour une Vie de Qualité, named AViQ, a public interest organization, whose head office is located at 6061, Charleroi, Rue de la Rivelaine 21, represented by Alice Baudine, General Administrator.
  • The Ministry of the German-speaking Community, administrative authority, with registered office at 4700 Eupen Gospertstraße 1, represented by Norbert Heukemes, Secretary General.


Despite the regionalization of family benefits since 1 January 2019, the federated entities have decided to still manage certain aspects of the family benefits sector together. ORINT was set up to coordinate these joint projects.


Permanent Missions

  1. The management of the Cadastre of Family benefits, the IT-application associated with the National Register and the electronic data exchange
  2. The activity of the Liaison Body in the international context, the distribution of international family benefits files between the federated entities (in accordance with the connecting factors).
  3. The management of FAMIFED’s archived files, both paper and digital.
  4. The identification of children whose rights to family benefits are not activated in the Walloon Region and in the Joint Community Commission (Brussels): ‘non take up’.
  5. Mediation between the Flemish Community, the Walloon Region, the Brussels Capital Region and the German-speaking Community concerning the connecting factors, the management of past burdens, the exchange of information on family benefits and the practical arrangements for the transfer of competence between family benefits funds.

Temporary missions

In the year 2019, the ASBO also took on tasks that could not be completed by 31.12.2018 by Famifed (Federal Agency for Family Allowances):

  1. The financial control of the federal family allowance funds with regard to 2018.
  2. All operations within the framework of the financial liquidation of FAMIFED after its abolition.
  3. The processing of complaints, notices and enquiries still in progress at FAMIFED’s Mediation Department as of December 31, 2018.
  4. The processing of social fraud files still in progress at FAMIFED’s Social Fraud Unit as of December 31, 2018.
  5. The processing of home family checks still in progress at the FAMIFED Inspection Service as at 31 December 2018.