Attention: from 1 January 2022: only on behalf of the Walloon Region, the Common Community Commission and the German-speaking Community!

Trivia is a computer application that allows you to consult the data needed to examine entitlement to child benefit. It takes the form of a website.

It is managed by the Cadastre service of the Interregional Body, which ensures that the family benefits funds are provided with up-to-date data.

The Trivia application is composed of several sections :

  • Phonetic Search
    • allows you to obtain the Social Security Identification Number (NISS) or the BCSS number on the basis of surname, first name, date and gender
    • allows you to assign a BCSS number
  • BCSS Consultation
    • allows consultation on the basis of the NISS or BCSS number
      • data from the National Register of Individuals or the BCSS Register
      • socio-professional data that can be consulted at the authentic source
  • Consultation Attestations
    • allows consultation on the basis of the NISS or the BCSS number of certificates which cannot be consulted directly at the authentic source and which come from other institutions
  • Search file
    • allows you to find the family allowance file of an actor on the basis of
      • the number (NISS or cashier and file number)
      • surname, first name and date of birth
      • source (federal or regional)
  • Create folder
  • Additional functions
    • enables
      • a request for a tax flow (federal or regional)
      • a consultation of the INS or convention codes of a bank
  • Language
    • allows you to change the language
  • Identification of the cash register to which the data is accessible
    • allows you to select another active fund