Organization chart

Four founding members

VUTG The Flemish Agency for the Payment of Benefits within the Framework of Family Policy, an external autonomous agency with legal personality, with its registered office in 1000 Brussels, Rue de Trèves 9, represented by Leo Van Loo, managing director.

Iriscare – a public interest organization with its registered office in 1040 Brussels, Rue Belliard 71, represented by Tania Dekens, managing director.

AViQ – L’Agence pour une Vie de Qualité, a public interest organization, whose head office is located at 6061 Charleroi, Rue de Rivelaine 21, represented by Alice Baudine, General Administrator.

Ministry of the German-speaking Community – administrative authority, with registered office at Gospertstraße 1, 4700 Eupen, represented by Norbert Heukemes, Secretary General.

Four members of the Board of Directors

  • Joris Meganck (VUTG)
  • Anne Ottevaere (Iriscare)
  • Anne-Michèle Wauthier (AViQ)
  • Michael Fryns (Ministry of the German-speaking Community)

Eight members of the General Assembly

  • Joris Meganck (VUTG)
  • Jeroen Ooghe (Iriscare)
  • …………(AViQ)
  • Michael Fryns (Ministry of the German-speaking Community)
  • Anne-Michèle Wauthier (AViQ)
  • Bart Lachaert (detached from ” Agentschap Opgroeien”, Avenue de la Porte de Hal 27 1060 Brussels for the VUTG)
  • Anne Ottevaere (Iriscare)
  • Andreas Heck (Ministry of the German-speaking Community)

Fifteen staff members (detached from the 4 entities)


  • Catherine Baron, First Attaché (detached from Iriscare)
  • Valérie Degée (secretariat), Senior Assistant (detached from AViQ) 

International Team (Liaison Body, Connecting Factors, Interregional and International Mediation)

  • Jean-François Debavay, Attaché (detached from Iriscare)
  • Rita Collard, Qualified attaché (detached from the AViQ)
  • Fabienne Hancart, Senior Assistant (detached from AViQ)
  • Hélène Van Impe, Medewerker (detached from VUTG)
  • Luc Van Biesen, Medewerker (detached from VUTG)
  • Maria De Leener, Medewerker (detached from VUTG)
  • Pauline Mélot, Senior Assistant (detached from AViQ)
  • Wim Aeyels, Assistent (detached from VUTG)

Team ‘Monitoring’ (Flow, Trivia, Cadastre)

  • Anthony Mangano, Attaché (detached from AViQ)
  • Stéphane Pesser, Expert (detached from Iriscare)
  • Coralie Minne, Assistant (detached from AViQ)
  • Maryline De Rueda, Clerk (detached from Iriscare)
  • Rita Walraevens, Dossierbeheerder (detached from “Agentschap Opgroeien”)