The Cadastre Service of the Interregional Body is responsible for the management of existing electronic data flows and the development of electronic data flows according to the needs of the sector.

The socio-professional data flows make it possible to make up-to-date qualified data available to the family benefits funds so that entitlement to family benefits can be granted to families for whom the administrative burden is kept to a minimum, while at the same time ensuring the timeliness of the grant data.

Specifically, the Cadastre Service of the Interregional Body :

  • guarantees to the family benefits funds the availability of data in the Cadastre and ensures that it is rapidly updated according to the modalities agreed with the different partners of the secondary network;
  • collects, at the authentic source, qualified data concerning the family and/or socio-professional situation of all the actors in a family benefits file;
  • assigns the electronic information to the competent family benefit fund where the file is managed.

The electronic flows are used by the 4 federated entities for files with regularizations prior to 1 January 2019 and for regional family allowance files of the Walloon Region, the Joint Community Commission and the German-speaking Community as of 1 January 2019.